Wine Cellar Viña Las Niñas

Arquitect :

Liliana Silva
Marco Beovic

Santa Cruz

Superficie casa: 2700 m2
Superficie terreno: 300 ha

The Wine Cellar Viña Las Niñas is an industrial entity for the production and bottling of wine. The wine cellar is situated 280 km south of Santiago, in Colchagua valley, famous for its vineyards. The client is a French society from Perpignon that produces wine in Chile for the export in U.S.A
The project is formed by series of small laboratories and offices, storage, tank room and a wooden barrel storage, series of boxes of different materials and sizes that interact with each other and give place to activities and other necessities. The main volume is 75 meters long by 27 meters wide, 12 meters high and contains a tank room and a storage. Besides there is also a secondary volume that is 20 meters long by 20 meters wide, 5 meters high and contains wooden barrels where the wine ages. The storage contains other volume for the laboratories, bottling hall, offices and hygiene services.
The idea is that during the day the building is in mimesis with the landscape due to the exterior materials of it. And while the day is running, the building starts appearing, transforming itself into a lamp in the evening.
The main volume is made of wood and Plexiglas. The east and west façades are completely closed. There is a window that runs along the northern facade that is 2.7 meters high and 27 meters long and is protecting the indoor climate from the summer overheating. The southern facade is a big plexiglass wall 12 meters high by 75 meters long that collects the indirect light, lighting naturally the interior all day. The barrels volume is semidetached to the main volume at the western side. It is built from concrete, completely closed to the exterior, open to the tank room in the interior. The barrels room has an interior gabion that increases the mass, making a more efficient air conditioning, and giving a more expressive atmosphere for ageing. In the interior, the major volume is upholstered with agglomerated wood at the ceiling and northern facade in order to accentuate the contrast with all the stainless steel installations. The laboratories volume is completely covered with tiles in order to insure the hygiene and make evident its function.
The project has a mixed technical solution for air conditioning. The wooden barrels room has air conditioner; at the same time, the tank room and storage are naturally ventilated by convection, and the long window in the north facade is open, collecting the air from the superior border in the southern facade. Exterior northern facade has a double skin, in order to produce an ascendant air stream between both surfaces.
The structure is extremely economical and simple, as a result of budget requirements.