Viña del Mar, 1965.

Mathias Klotz is a Chilean Architect. Having graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Católica, throughout his career he has combined academic work with projects run from his studio. He has led workshops and given seminars for pre and post-graduate students at different universities in Chile and overseas. In 2003 he was named Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design at the Universidad Diego Portales.

His work is firmly rooted in modern architecture and over his career he has developed a distinctive language, with his own themes and typologies. He has won international recognition in numerous publications, speeches and exhibitions.

Among his most important awards and honours are the Premio Borromini de Arquitectura in 2001 in the category Architects under 40, and the Green Good Design Award in 2010 with the Central Library for the Universidad Diego Portales, which also won a Holcim Award in 2011. In 2014 he won the Rogelio Salmona Award for Latin American Architecture for Barrio Universitario de Santiago (BUS) together with Ricardo Abuauad and in 2015 he won an Award for Institutional Contribution to Architecture given by the Asociación de Oficinas de Arquitectura de Chile.

1991 Receives a degree in Architecture from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

1982 Graduates from the Colegio Alemán in Santiago, Chile

2015 AEDES Workshop, Berlin
IUAV Workshop, Venice
Workshop IV UDP

2014 AEDES Workshop, Berlin
IUAV Workshop, Venice

2013 AEDES Workshop, Berlin
IUAV Workshop, Venice

2012 Workshop IV UDP
AEDES Workshop, Berlin
IUAV Workshop, Venice

2011 Workshop IV UDP
AEDES Workshop, Berlin
IUAV Workshop, Venice

2010 UDP Summer Workshop
AEDES Workshop, Berlin
IUAV Workshop Venice

2009 Workshop X UDP
IUAV Workshop Venice

2008 IUAV Workshop Venice
Masterclass UDP

2007 COAIB Workshop, Mallorca
PUC Workshop

2006 IUAV Workshop Venice

2005 IUAV Workshop Venecia

2004 Seminar on Industrial Architecture Basque Country, Spain
Guadalajara Workshop Mexico

1997 – 1999 Workshop Professor at PUC

1996 – 2000 Workshop Professor at UFSM

1996 – 1998 Architecture Workshop Professor at UC

2003 to present Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design at UDP

2001 – 2003 Director of the School of Architecture at UDP

2016 Asnieres Sur Seine (collective housing), Asnieres, France

2015 Viaducto Acceso Sur and Muelle Prat, Valparaiso, Chile
M20 (20th Century Art Museum), Berlin, Germany

2013 Teatro Oriente, Santiago, Chile

2012 Hall Escuela Naval, Valparaíso, Chile
Factoría Italia, Santiago, Chile

2009 Conference and Concert Centre, Heiderberg, Germany
Banco Brou, Montevideo, Uruguay

2008 La Nación Newspaper Office Building, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2007 Bodegas Giol, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Miele Offices and Showroom, Santiago, Chile
Club de Polo Sta. Maria, Sotogrande, Spain
Viña Vik, Millahue, Chile

2005 Hotel Palacio Aztoreca, Valparaíso, Chile
Complejo Bahía Balandra, México
Verbo Divino School, Santiago, Chile

2004 Maseratti-Enzo Ferrari Museum, Modena, Italy

2002 Torre Bicentenario, Santiago, Chile

2000 Smol, Concepción, Chile
Chuquicamata School, Calama, Chile

1999 Altamira School, Santiago, Chile

1996 Huanchaca Ruins, Antofagasta, Chile
Hotel Terrantai, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

2011 Holcim Award UDP Central Library
Modular Building Institute (Rucaray restaurant)

2010 Green Good Design, UDP Central Library
Green Good Design, Edificio Panamericanos Guadalaja
Green Good Design, Casa La Roca

2002 Third Prize in the Miami Biennial, Casa Reutter

2001 First Place Borromini Awards, Architects under 40 section, Rome

2002 Second Prize, Miami Biennial, Altamira School

2000 Second Place Procobre Prize, Casa Reutter
First Place 12th Architecture Biennial, Santiago, Chile, with Altamira School (architecture for public use)
First Place 12th Architecture Biennial, Santiago, Chile, with Casa Reutter (housing)
Finalist in the Mies van der Rohe Award, Casa Reutter

1998 Finalist in the Mies van der Rohe Award, Casa Müller

1995 Prize for best Architect under 40, Colegio de Arquitectos de Chile
1st Place 10th Architecture Biennial (Santiago, Chile)

2015 1st Stage Single Condominium, Santiago, Chile
Edificio 6 (1.700 m2), Santiago, Chile
Botanic Events Centre (1.400 m2), Santiago, Chile

2013 Vitacura Building (7.298 m2), Santiago, Chile
Soda Haus Building (3.000 m2) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Perez Maggi House (300 m2) Santiago, Chile

2012 Boza-Camus House, Santiago, Chile
Velasco House (420 m2) Santiago, Chile
Essbio Rancagua Lake, Chile
Essbio Santa Cruz Lake, Chile
C2 House (300 m2) Santiago, Chile
Cipea House (482 m2) Foshou Lake, Nanjin, China
Valtocado House, Mijas, Spain

2011 Nicanor Parra Library (15.000 m2) Santiago, Chile
Schnitzer House (280 m2) Cachagua, Chile

2010 Bitran House(350 m2), Beranda, Cachagua, Chile
Muros House (376 m2), Buenos Aires, Argentina
Palacio Astoreca, Valparaíso, Chile
L House (420 m2) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Prefabricated Module for earthquake victims 27-2 (90 m2) Cauquenes, Chile
Expansion of Klotz Studio-House (125 m2) Santiago, Chile (Los Colonos House 385m2)
Verbo Divino School, Santiago, Chile

2009 Hunter Douglas Industial Warehouse (10.000m2) Santiago, Chile
Hunter Douglas Showroom (700m2) Santiago, Chile
Portals Sailing School (600m2) Puerto Portals, Mallorca, Spain
Massai House (400 m2) Cachagua, Chile
Bitran House (300 m2) Cachagua, Chile
Quintay Vineyard and Cellar (8.000m2) Casablanca, Chile
Dominó Restaurant, Isidora Goyenechea (340 m2) Santiago, Chile

2008 Richardson House (250 m2) Santa Mónica, Uruguay

2007 Oks House(350 m2) José Ignacio, Uruguay
Techos House (650 m2) Villa la Angostura, Argentina
Hunter Douglas Offices and Cafeteria (1000 m2) Santiago, Chile

2006 Faculty of Economics (11000 m2) Santiago
Turner International (2700 m2) Buenos Aires
Maria Cher Store (400 m2) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Kegevic House (500 m2) Cachagua, Chile

2005 Ocho House on the Marbella Cube, (250 m²), Zapallar, Chile
4 Peñalolen House (170 m2 each), Peñalolén, Chile
Klotz & Asociados Studio House (160 m2) Santiago, Chile

2004 Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Diego Portales (8000 m2) Santiago
Multiple Use Building Universidad Diego Portales (3500 m2), Santiago
Corralón Aculeo (400 mt2) Aculeo, Chile

2003 Aventura Center Training Park (3500 m²), Santiago
Pavilion Building for single petty officers, Chilean Army (2800 m²), Santiago

2002 Farellones Refuge for Chilean Army (267 m²)
Smol Building, Concepción, Chile (12000 m²).
Leria House, Cantagua, Chile (322 m²).

2001 Signorin Casa Italia Furniture Store. (550 m²), Santiago
Hotel F-30, Zapallar, Chile, 1000 m².
Muchnick House, Cantagua, Chile, 450 m².
Díaz House, Santiago, Chile 380 m².
Viejo House, Santiago, Chile (2001), 600 m².
Ponce House, Buenos Aires, Argentina 450 m².

2000 Altamira School, Santiago, Chile, 10.000 m²
Grau House, Santiago, Chile, 380 m².

1999 Reutter House, Cantagua, Chile, 416 m²
“Las Niñas” Vineyard, Santa Cruz, Chile, 2452 m²

1998 ENTEL Services Building, Santiago, Chile

1997 Safex Building, 500 m²
Pizarras Ibéricas Building, Santiago, Chile, 750 m²

1996 Grudsky House, 220 m²
Ubeda House, 230 m²
Renovation of Santa Lucía Apartment, Santiago, Chile,500 m²
Hotel Terrantai, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, 500 m²
Renovation of Müller Refuge, 200 m²
Sales Module, 6 m²
Cyber Café, Santiago, Chile, 40 m²

1995 Ugarte House, Maitencillo, Chile, 127 m²
Grez House, 220 m²
Assembly of the 10th Architecture Biennial, 3000 m²
Renovation of Palockz Apartment, Santiago, Chile, 400 m²
Renovation of Müller Apartment, Santiago, Chile, 270 m²
Set design, Design and Wardrobe for play at Teatro 5 Sur by Alberto Fuget,

1994 Sadhu House, 160 m²
Müller House, Chiloé, Chile 380 m²
Lavados House, Villarrica, Chile, 220 m²

1993 Ducaud House, Santiago, Chile, 126 m²
Von Plate House, 56 m²
Metro Restaurant, 450 m²
Oz Ritoque Club, Chile, 500 m²

1992 Río Liucura House, Chile, 170 m2
Le Coq Store, 80 m²

1992 Oz Club, Santiago, Chile, 700 m²

1992 Casa 92 Entrance, 150 m²

1991 Klotz House, Tongoy, Chile, 99 m²
Cummins House, ,450 m²

1990 Walker House, Lago Panguipulli, Chile, 400 m²
Guard House, Walker House, 60 m²
Walker Stables, 250 m²

1989 3 Houses Road to Farellones, Chile, 500 m² (Nadamo, Sharda, and Swaram Houses)

2010 College of Architects, Sydney, Australia
Melbourne University, Australia

2009 XXIII CLEFA BA 09, Argentina

2008 Megaron Concert Hall, Athens, Greece

2007 Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina
Universidad Santa María,
PUC, BARQO Conference,
CPAU, Professional Council of Architecture and Urbanism, Argentina
Manchester Art Festival, Ireland
College of Architects of Mallorca, Spain
College of Architects of Santander, Spain
College of Architects of Seville, Spain
College of Architects of Huelva, Spain
College of Architects of Cádiz, Spain
College of Architects of Córdoba, Spain

2006 Universidad Ricardo Palma, Lima, Peru
Philips Lighting Experience, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2005 UIC ESARQ, Universitat Internacional de Cataluña, Spain
XXI CLEFA, Univ. Técnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador
UIA, XXII UIA Congress, Istanbul, Turkey

2004 IUAV, Venice, Italy
Ordini Degli Architetti, Planificatori, Paesaggisti, Bolzano, Italy
South West University, Nanjing, China

2003 Arquine Congress, DF, México
Days of Oris, Croatia
Santiago de Compostela Congress, Spain
Tecniche Universitet Berlin, Germany
U. Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
College of Architects of Alicante, Spain
Museo Bellas Artes Buenos Aires, Argentina

2002 University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
UIA Berlin, Germany
Montevideo Planetarium, Uruguay

2001 College of Architects of Pontevedra, Spain
Escuela Politécnica de Barcelona, Spain
Acuario Romano, Rome, Italy
MOMA San Francisco, USA
Berkeley San Francisco, USA

2000 SCI Arc Auditorium, Los Angeles, USA
Houston Museum of Contemporary Art, Rice University, USA
British Columbia University, Vancouver, Canada
Universidad de Puerto Rico
Centro Cultural Monte Hermoso, Vitoria, Spain
College of Architects of Barcelona, Spain
Gothemburg School of Architecture, Sweden
GSD, Harvard University, USA

1999 V Congreso Internacional de Arquitectura, Monterrey, Mexico
Universidad del Diseño, San José, Costa Rica
Universidad Iberoamericana, León, Mexico
Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, Spain
La Paz Biennial, Bolivia
Universidad Central, Caracas, Venezuela

1996 Universidad de Las Américas, Puebla, Mexico

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2002 XIII Santiago Architecture Biennial, Chile
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Exhibition of Chilean Architecture, Barcelona, Spain

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ARCHILAB, Orleans, France

2000 G. A. Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
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1998 MOMA, New York, Finalist in the Mies van der Rohe Prize

1997 XI Santiago Architecture Biennial, Chile

1995 X Santiago Architecture Biennial, Chile

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