Ugarte House


Maitencillo Sur

Superficie casa: 110 m2
Superficie terreno: 1.000 m2

The Ugarte house is a small weekend house located beside the Maitencillo South cliff 140 km north of Santiago.
The house has two volumes both made of wood and which are separated by a passageway formed by an entrance that extends into the interior.
The bedrooms and the bathrooms are in the smaller section of the house while the larger volume contains some public areas, a kitchen, a dining room and a living room on the first floor, a study on the second floor.
The terraces were designed to be semi-constructed spaces and were cut out of the two parts of the house so that they are protected from the strong southern winds. This means that the larger volume of the house has a hole at its south end, thus providing a sense of continuity to the living room and making the interior space seem bigger.
The Ugarte house is completely constructed from wood with tongue-and-groove cladding on the outside and timber boards for the interior panels.
The smaller section of the house was clad and paneled vertically while the larger section was clad horizontally to emphasize each part´s individuality.