Turner International Studios


Rafael Hevia
Hernán Araujo
Francisco Reyes
Mariano Albornoz

Buenos Aires

Superficie construida: 2700 m2
Superficie terreno: 400 m2

The Turner Studios project started as a private contest, consisting of a restoration of a patrimonial building that originally hosted a printing office in a traditional Defense district of Buenos Aires. The assignment was about distributing and designing working spaces, offices, meeting rooms and conference rooms in the top two floors of the building, an interior space of 10 x 12 x 12 meters with perimeter windows and a big skylight in the middle.
The proposal aimed to invert the traditional office layout of rank distribution, locating the executives, meeting rooms and auditoriums in the centre of the building, inside 4 colored glass volumes, surrounding an interior garden that is illuminated by the skylight. Then a second ring of lower glass volumes locates the managers room and a third ring consists of smaller working stations locating the rest of the employees. This allows double entry of natural light and connection to the exterior space, freeing the perimeter windows.
The interior garden duplicates its perception trough a huge mirror that covers the elevator’s hall.