SSYL House

34°28’21.37″S / 58°29’49.87″O


Eduardo Ruiz-Risueño / Mariano Albornoz/ Manuel Mosquera

San Isidro, Argentina

The House SSYL is located in the North-East of Buenos Aires in San Isidro, a residential area with the views over the Rio de la Plata.
The plot of 1000m2 has a steep slope next to the river ending in a terraced riverbank.
The project was designed for a couple with two children.
The ground floor houses a public space, which opens towards the river and the entrance courtyard, offering a cross view to both sides of the plot.
On the second floor, there is a main bedroom, two rooms for the children, a playroom and a small office.
Because of the narrow plot, the house extends lengthwise. The long volume in a 8m long corten steel cantilever that stretches towards the river and balances on a concrete base which contains the public functions.