Santa Mónica House


Baltazar Sánchez

Punta del Este

Superficie casa: 210 m2
Superficie terreno: 400 m2

Santa Monica house is located in La Brava Uruguay, 140 km north of Montevideo.
The House is located on the beach, facing the Atlantic Ocean, in a very windy area. The client asked for a weekend house that has facilities for guests, services and main area.
Because of the site restrictions and the wind the functions are distributed in a continuous border, creating a kind of donut in the central yard. A pool is located in the northern border of the yard and is being protected from the wind force and is facing the Ocean.
This yard is protected from the winds, also dividing the main area from the guest area. The master bedroom is a concrete volume in the upper level. The materials are wood, concrete bricks, glass and concrete.