Perez Maggi House

33 ° 21’43.5 ″ S 70 ° 28’56.6 ″ W


Hector Hormazabal

Santiago, Chile


The Perez-Magi house is a single-family home located in the city of Santiago in the Arrayan sector at the foot of the Andes Mountains.

The site is rectangular, with a large north-facing facade, with an excellent view of the natural mountainous environment.

The house is centered in the longitudinal direction of the land, while its located further south of the land in order to have the greatest amount of land facing north and achieve a sunny vegetable garden that provides fresh food.

The project proposes a reinforced concrete table, where public spaces and services are organized and on which a volume of metal structure contains the bedrooms.

The terrace is a green roof from which you can contemplate all the distant views.

The materials that make up the project are Reinforced Concrete and Steel.