Mirador Barón Building




Eduardo Ruiz-Risueño

Pablo Gimeno

Nicolas Reitze

Anne Biehl

33 ° 02’38.38’’S

71 ° 37’01.75”O



Building area: 230,348 S.F.

Mirador Baron building is a group of six buildings built in what once was the Valparaíso Railway Hospital, on the hill of the same name.

The project rebuilds the old Hospital, transforming it into apartments and builds four overlapping buildings on the terrain facing the sea, under the elevation of the old hospital, creating a public walkway on its deck, which is the extension of the Baron Elevator’s viewing platform.

On one side of the hospital and at street level, the fifth volume is installed, at the same height as the platform, serving as access to the complex with a restaurant program that serves as an articulator and that separates the public circulation from that of the residents.

The architecture of the complex takes the Zenteno area as a reference, in order to achieve a grain capable of integrating into the grain of the city, in addition to producing a large viewing terrace in the manner of others so characteristic of the port city.