Hunter Douglas Plant


Baltazar Sánchez


Superficie casa: 7000 m2
Superficie terreno: 37000 m2

Hunter Douglas Plant Chile project is a combination of a new construction, an adaptive reuse of the existing structures along with the building reorganization and a future development plan of an industrial plant that fabricates metal facades, Persian blinds and curtains. 

The plant had an inorganic growth, due to an original unrealized plan to relocate, opting instead to buy a series of storehouses from a neighboring company.

The project aims to establish a general master plan for the complex that considers future development, gives a new face to the existing storehouses and incorporates the new addition of a cafeteria for 600 workers and executive offices of the commercial sector.

The project considers development in stages, first to renovate the storehouse at the entrance (a warehouse of 80×60 meters) with dark panels on its four facades incorporating a cover of panels that move with the wind to the view it gives to the street in order to give life to a volume of such large dimensions which by its nature must be opaque.

For the cafeteria and executive offices new volume was created so that the first program serves as support for the second, achieving two open plans with free views to the garden area that has been incorporated in various sectors of the plan in order to improve overall environment of such an industrial program. 

The volume is made up of two bodies, in which the main one is supported and stands on the ground and is covered in panels which have color of steel, consisting functions like kitchen and cafeteria over which rests a volume of wood that makes up the offices.

The garden has been incorporated like an element that gives continuity while also serving as an extension of the cafeteria.