Bitran House


Baltazar Sanchez

Beranda, Cachagua,

House Surface area: 350m2
Terrain Surface area: 1000m2

Bitran and Massai houses are two independent projects; the function is holiday houses located in two neighboring sites. Although a relation between the clients exists and the functional programs are similar, among them there has been no interaction but that the one to respect the views.

The place where they are located is an explicit slope on the beach of Cachagua, with a magnificent view to the Pacific Ocean.

The project aims to obtain that both houses are a simple sum of these.

Although the materials, the structures are similar, the norms and the width of the lots are the same, each one of them represents the way each user lives with their own lifestyles. The project creates a difference making as a result two sisters who are complemented, instead of two Siamese twins who are confused.